I love some woo woo and I love these ladies. They're both based in LA and truly nice people irl and I will do literally anything they tell me to do. Where do you go for your online woo woo fix?
  1. Ashley Neese
    She will tell you to dry brush and drink chlorella and she will love and accept you. www.ashleyneese.com
  2. Sphinx and the Milky way
    Lauren will tell you about the phases of the moon and the energy that's happening inside and out. She will also share good art in LA. ALSO she has an amazing breathwork meditation class in echo park that is next level. http://bit.ly/1Jxh75h
  3. Add your favorite woo woo!
  4. Amanda Bacon
    Beauty & brains behind Moon Juice. Will cures what ails you, if you let her. www.moonjuiceshop.com
    Suggested by @MirandaJones