I love them because of their style and also because they're nice people to work with.
  1. Reath Design (LA SF NY)
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    http://bit.ly/1FzLIdw Frances used to work at commune so she has a laid back kind of boho vibe but brings a bunch of east coast/euro deep blue green greys and is fantastic with pattern and wallpapers that feel grown up and not like they're shouting for attention. I just love her.
  2. Nicole hollis (SF)
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    www.nicolehollis.com Nicole does dark and moody and super sophisticated. She is a force to be reckoned with working on tons of hotels, wineries, and super fancy houses. She knows a sexy interior.
  3. Barbara Bestor (v LA)
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    www.bestorarchitecture.com Barbara is my hero. Every time I shoot for her I am so grateful. Her style is so california, so clean and minimal but still completely livable. Plus every house is filled with the coolest family.
  4. Redmond Aldrich Design (SF)
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    www.redmondaldrich.com chloe used to work at Lucky and has been on the cover of Domino etc. She does grown up chinoiserie panels and also polka dot curtains with lacquered green wainscoting. She's also been in the game long enough that it isn't so much about trends as beauty.
  5. Commune (the world)
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    www.communedesign.com I mean. They're the top of the class right now. This is a shot of the nasty gal exec offices 😎
  6. Design, bitches (LA)
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    www.designbitches.com these ladies are doing so many fun restaurants right now. This is the Springs. They've done superba food and bread, coolhaus, nong la, etc.
  7. Sophie Buhai (LA)
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    www.sophiebuhai.com Sophie was one half of Vena Cava and has now launched a whole interior design division. Inspired by the neutral palette of Georgia o keefe, her portfolio includes be home of Maryam Nasir zadeh so you know her style is on point.