My good friend Genevieve moved to Yucca valley last year and I've gone to visit and this is some less obvious stuff to do and places to go because you already went to pappy and Harriet's and the integratron. The desert is a weird place that is more fun when you don't run into everyone you know in LA.
  1. Landers brew pub
    A pub in the middle of nowhere. Also relatively near the integratron. Had an incredibly refreshing pear cider at 3pm and we were the only people there and took over the juke box and it was a great moment.
  2. Noah Purifoy
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    Outsider artist currently has an installation at LACMA, but everything at the museum is borrowed from an installation that's sitting in the middle of the desert and you can just drive up to it and it's incredible.
  3. $5 pizza place
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    Actually good. Not generally actually $5.
  4. La Copine
    I didn't get to eat here because it hadn't quite opened but everyone was VERY excited about a fresh/good/farm related restaurant to open.
  5. High desert test sites
    Sprinkled throughout the desert are artist curated "test sites" who's missions is "to challenge traditional conventions of ownership, property, and patronage. Most projects will ultimately belong to no one and are intended to melt back into the landscape as new ones emerge." One site was made by our very own @scoutregalia (close to pioneer town):
  6. Yucca valley swap meet
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    Locals. Good finds. A western store. Trash. Yuccas and agave babies. Murals. Good times.
  7. C and S Coffee Shop
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    A perfect Diner. Nothing fancy. Good breakfast. A plant that is growing and draped entirely around the interior perimeter of the restaurant.