A real free for all!
  1. How to be better at instagram
  2. Around the house gardening
  3. Something about being a native angeleno
  4. Something about being half french
  5. Best cat breeds (Abyssinian)
  6. Tips for dating a musician who tours
  7. Tips for growing up in divorce
    My parents bought me a coloring book called "divorce...it's not your fault" so I'm all good.
  8. Really talented product and industrial designers in LA
  9. Anything about highland Park or the eastside of LA in general
  10. Why I love my therapist
  11. Unsolicited advice about saving money
  12. Interior designer recommendations
  13. Worries I have about how I'll mess up my future children
  14. Making a living as a freelance creative in Los Angeles
  15. My time as a blogger
  16. The importance of wandering or driving around aimlessly
  17. Surviving work travel
  18. Art school
  19. Tips for prop styling interiors
  20. Places I like to walk in LA
  21. Travel tips for SF or Honolulu or anchorage or todos santos
  22. Technical photo things like how to tether
  23. Technical small biz things like how to delegate.