Requested by @mkz
Thanks @mkz for requesting. V subjective but I'm taking it to the people. This is a random assortment of some of my most popular IGs. My regular work is more formal with lots of rooms and travel.
  1. Todos Santos
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    Wild horses on a deserted beach. This was with @JEFF and it was good.
  2. The Springs
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    This is a vegan, raw restaurant, bar and yoga studio in hashtag DTLA. Was v popular because this shot was in T Mag + AFAR. Design team is a great LA studio, Design Bitches.
  3. Pink light
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    Sunset in echo park.
  4. Gere Kavanaugh
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    I met gere on a NYT shoot. She is a designer who has done work with the Eames, Frank Gehry, Deborah Sussman plus her own stuff. She's the hippest person I know. Now I visit her for fun and she admonishes me to make more phone calls and to spend less time on email if I want to be creative.
  5. Art Building at Pomona College
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    wHy Architecture designed glass and concrete building was v avant garde for the pomona campus. My first shoot of a building to be reviewed by Christopher Hawthorne.
  6. Maui
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    Tropical windows 🌴🌴
  7. Portland
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    Adam and Ashley's adorable house in portland. @JEFF trying not to look stiff. Jeff also has a theory that people will like any photo that is mainly white pixels.
  8. Pictures of my cat
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    Her name is Hazel. She is an Abyssinian. I consider any photo of her to be one of my better photos.
  9. Heidi Merrick
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    Did a v california shoot for Heidi's Fall line. I love Working with people who are actually nice. Also if you are casual and like clothes, Heidi's stuff is so good.
  10. Tracy's House
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    My friend Tracy has this insane 70's hilltop house in my washington that has probably been shot for every cool kid publication you can think of. Pics of her house are v popular.
  11. Bougainvillea
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    ESP fun when it's snowing in New York.