AKA corners of my house that I love. AKA there are things other than succulents.
  1. Fiddle leaf fig
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    The workhorse of indoor plants. Every designer I know uses them and tries not to use them in every project. The tree-er kind is better but I got this for free so whatever. Also these can just die even if you are good at plants.
  2. Donkey tail
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    Very fragile but so beautiful. This one is 4 years old and is killing it with its ombré.
  3. Ironic or genuine fern
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    They're fun! Ours got thrashed in the move but it's coming back. Bonus is that they can survive with v little light. Bonus bonus. Macrame.
  4. Palm
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    Is the new fiddle leaf.
  5. Begonias
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    These are weird and magical and can live in low light but please near a window. There are tons of different kinds and some are spotted and have dark pink under leaves and they all get leggy and full of personality.
  6. Rubber plant
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    Indestructible and sculptural.
  7. Cactus
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    Cactus and succulents are great but will really only survive if you have the perfectly complimentary architectural detail for them to live in and also if they have enough light.
  8. Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law's Tongue
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    Very easy care! Put it in a dark room, ignore it, barely ever water it, it'll be fine!
    Suggested by @leslie
  9. Spider plant
    Not just for the '70s anymore!
    Suggested by @seantimberlake