1. I've lived in LA basically my whole life
    The gorge, the sandy, the washougal 👌
  3. So much outdoors
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  4. I could afford to buy a house
    Like a nice house. For the same amount in LA I could live in a shack in el Sereno.
  5. When I have kids they could just go to public school.
    Found out recently the private school I went to in LA is now28k/year 😳😳😳😳
  6. @JEFF could do all his same music work there.
  7. I could still work all my SF jobs since I fly there from LA anyway.
  8. Even if I lost half my LA work, I could still afford portland
    I know it's not what is used to be but its so cheap.
  9. I love it when it rains
    So probably I wouldn't want to kill myself? Also global warming is fucking with their weather too and it's way more dry now...