Recent Shoots I'm Proud Of

I'm having a slow week for shooting but like a thousand things I shot months ago are just hitting news stands/the Internet and so I'm going to talk about them because otherwise it's like was it all a dream? Plus I get to go to super cool places and meet cool people and I like to share.
  1. Freunde Von Freunden
    Got to photograph very good friends in their amazing home. I like when I get to shoot loose and free and find all the details.
  2. T Magazine
    Spent the day by the beach near Santa Barbara photographing Tom Adler, long time surfer and publisher of really well done art books about California and surfing. He was so zany and authentic and there was nothing fancy about his place, it was just full of so much life.
  3. Anthology Magazine
    Moon Juice! Got to hang out with Amanda Bacon in her boho Venice house where she sleeps on a bio mat filled with amethyst. She is so 100% authentically into everything she is selling at moon juice that I was totally converted plus we had nothing but milks and juices all day and probably I was glowing✨
  4. Luxe Magazine
    Shot a bananas penthouse in San Francisco like a year ago. Views for DAYS. It's finally published! Its super swank and everything here was expensive and it was a whole team of stylists and assistants etc which sort of stresses me out but I think the photos turned out well.
  5. California Home and Design
    I shot an even crazier mansion in Altadena that was designed by Tamara Honey of House of Honey. We ripped through that house and got so many shots. I love it when the designer is prepared and when the editor is there to confirm which shots I don't have to try and make work.
  6. Apiece Apart
    This I'm proud of because a cool fashion label asked me to shoot lifestyle/fashion images. It's a relief because yes I shoot interiors BUT I DO shoot more than that and it's really fun to mix things up. A lifestyle shoot is so much faster than interiors. You have to be really on your toes making a moment happen.