Sometimes everyday life and activities are suddenly intimate and it's weird. Add your own!
  1. When Steve tchiotakes and keijon surmack banter
    Maybe it's just awkward? But it feels too real to hear them stumble around talking to each other about traffic.
  2. Physical Therapy
    Chris stretches me out before we start which involves turning me on my side, spreading my legs and then him leaning into me and pushing on my hips. But totally not sexual. Or something.
  3. Anytime someone you don't know cries without warning.
  4. List App
    And thank god. It's the kind of surprisingly intimate that makes you feel more human and not like you want to die.
  5. Being in a crowd of 15,000 screaming girls and women but still feeling like Taylor Swift is your best friend. 👯
    Suggested by @scoutregalia