His name is serge and he is French Canadian and is on the westside and if you have back stuff I highly recommend him. (He's legit this is just the fringier stuff that comes up). @sophia this one is for you.
  1. My past life where at some point I may have been pulled by the waist/back violently.
    I have a wonky L5/S1 situation that has gotten worse in the past couple of years so obvi could be about a past life. Serge is pretty certain something happened. It feels like a knot, an old knot, is what he says.
  2. That my back pain is related to my parents' divorce and/or my mom's alcoholism
    He believes that lots of back pain is related to buried emotions. Where I have pain he says is related to feeling you have a solid foundation (which is set in childhood and my parents were...distracted by their own shit when I was little).
  3. That I'm carrying my grandmother's back pain (quite literally it's a mirror of pain she had) and this is my chance to heal for her.
    I mean...this actually makes so much sense to me
  4. Once he said: this is little girl stuff, time to grow up toots.
    It was said with so much softness
  5. Side note: the cc charge calls his service "energy integration"
  6. That the idea of doing any kind of "cleanse" of "toxins" is ludicrous.
    I can't remember his reasoning.
  7. He told me my gall bladder was angry
  8. He says he can tell who meditates by how easy it is for him to work with their bodies
    He also says they heal more quickly