A potpourri of stuff that's worth it. (Also just going ahead and publishing some drafts as a way of saying hiiiiiiiiii)
  1. TSA Pre
    If you fly more than twice a year this IS SO WORTH IT. It costs like $90 and is good for 5 years. You fill out a thing online and then you drive to Glendale a week later (right by the Americana) and get fingerprinted and then your life is so much easier! No shoes off, no laptop out of the bag, no line!!!
  2. Going to the doctor
    Recent back problems and prompting from @JEFF made me deal with it and it was all terribly inconvenient but ultimately worth the trouble.
  3. Saying no to a job I'm not stoked on
    Used to be really afraid of this but I then I over scheduled myself and wanted to die. Now I say no and I GIVE MYSELF THE TIME. To do whatever. Because it's mine.
  4. Neutralizing a fight
    @JEFF taught me this one. He doesn't hold on to stuff or escalate a fight. Sometimes mid argument he will just grin and blow me a kiss and then we both apologize and it's all good. My instinct is to hang on to the argument UNTIL I DIE.
  5. Uber to the airport
    Make life easier on yourself. Get picked up and dropped off.
  6. Travel Toiletries
    A second set of toiletries that's ready to go 🙌🙌
  7. Postmates
    When I'm working and forget to eat and then remember that I can order Tender Greens on postmates and feed myself responsibly. Then the salad is worth the $18.
  8. Staying in
    Staying in is almost always worth it. I move slowly, I catch up on things, I don't worry about the time and I actually unwind.
  9. Opting to buy a REALLY nice mattress and sheets.
    You spend a third of your life there!
    Suggested by @erikaaa
  10. Springing for the good cheese, not Kraft. It's worth it:)
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  11. A good pair of jeans!
    For real. So much better than the cheap Old Navy ones (which are what I wear most of the time).
    Suggested by @lindseycornett
  12. Going to bed early
    You'll think that staying up for that last episode/chapter/text is worth it, but oh how your body will thank you for the extra sleep!
    Suggested by @hh12995
  13. Valet
    Suggested by @b_lion