I have had insomnia since before smart phones. Sometimes I have months of no issue. And then agonizing weeks of being up in the middle of the night. Right now I'm doing ok. Here's what I have tried.
  1. Exercise
    I think overall this is a good idea. ESP anything like yoga that makes you relax. But I've never had any successful correlation between exercising and then sleeping well that night.
  2. Meditation
    Again, overall I think Mindfulness/awareness based meditation is great for being alive. It doesn't seem to help me to sleep.
  3. Drugs
    Ativan and ambien were both super helpful but I am not the pill popping type and not that into being dependent on them for something as basic as sleeping.
  4. Therapy
    The most useful thing you can do generally. But not a 1 to 1 for sleeping at night. Good long term solution for many things.
  5. Not having my phone in the bedroom
    This is maybe the most helpful.
  6. Reading a book
    Related to last point. Reading when I wake up instead of looking at my phone is more helpful than I care to admit.
  7. Making lists
    Writing down things I'm thinking about or a plan for the following day helps to quiet my mind. But sometimes it stresses me out.
  8. Acceptance
    Giving in to the idea of not sleeping and not panicking about it. So sometimes this means getting up and doing work or watching TV or washing dishes. It helps with anxiety but doesn't always help ever falling asleep again.
  9. ➕➕➕➕