1. Kittens
    We found three kittens in the yard. We got them all adopted.
  2. Lots of kittens
    Our neighbors just found three more. Do you need one?
  3. This is one.
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    We call him socks because that's what we called the last kitten that looked like him. So now they are always socks.
  4. This is one.
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    This is the scared one that would rather be at the bottom of a pile of kittens than out in the limelight.
  5. This is one.
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    This is the feisty one that protects his brothers and sisters. His fur is long and his hiss is adorable.
  6. This is all of them in a furry irresistible pile.
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  7. Let me know if you're in LA and need a kitty!