Joans on Third in the Valley 🙌
  1. Holy shit she is beautiful
  2. No Botox, fillers etc. Looks her age (ish) and so so so beautiful. (She is 42)
  3. She's wearing her hair in a bun, no makeup, t shirt, dirty jeans
    French women just show up with confidence I guess?
  4. Joans is the best place
  5. Before I knew it was her I offered her the sugar dish for her coffee
    She declined and I saw her face and inwardly flipped out.
  6. Does she know I know who she is?
    Wait, does anyone here know who she is?
  7. I wish I had a gap in my front teeth
    It's so CHIC
  8. Why would Johnny depp leave this complete woman's woman? Or did she leave him? Do we know?
  9. This bitch definitely has LOVERS
  10. I want to age like this.
  11. No one I am with has any idea who she is.
  12. And look at her daughter
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    Suggested by @RinaStone