Today's Spiritual Journey Through Ikea

At one point in my life because of work I would go to ikea 4-5x a week. Today was like coming home.
  1. There was Inspiration
    Watched a woman pray before eating meatballs.
  2. I experienced Challenges
    They put the gravy on the plate FIRST and then dump the meatballs on top?!?! Whyyyyyyyy???
  3. There was no sugarcoating
    Not great, just nice
  4. Thankfully I had a Spiritual Guide
    This man was a couple steps ahead of me the whole way through. My shaman's outfit was next level.
  5. Even still, I faced more challenges
  6. Undeterred, gratitude was the answer
    They sell CANDY in BINS now 🎉🍫🍬