Because I'm freaking out about the drought. It's so real!
  1. Shame bucket
    I don't know why we call it a shame bucket. It's a drought bucket. It lives in the shower and catches the water while it heats up. Then we use it to flush the toilet or water plants.
  2. When it's yellow...
    We do this. It's not for everyone but it is so effective!
  3. Passive aggression
    Giving neighbors the stink eye when they're washing their car for a million years or water in mid day. This is not ideal. What is a better way to inspire?
  4. Eating less red meat
    Cause it takes like a million gallons of water to make beef.
  5. Rain barrel
    We got a rain barrel! And @JEFF installed it yesterday and today it actually rained! We are winning!
  6. Not showering every day
    This is new. I really like showering and BATHS. But I'm trying to be selective.
  7. NO LAWN
    OMG NO LAWNS!!! Please please no lawns. We have succulents and wild flowers and never water it and it's pretty.
  8. Talking about it / peer pressure
    I love that the nyt has the drought on the front page and that the freeway signs remind everyone but also I feel like we all need to be in this together and feeling a direct relationship between the drought and our daily activities and maybe that's just from peer pressure?
  9. Fill the brita
    While the kitchen faucet is heating up I fill the brita.
  10. Dirty car
    @JEFF is better at this than I am. I wash my car every 2 months because it's black and I need to look vaguely professional or at least like I'm not living in my car.
  11. Wardrobe stretching
    Really discovering the limit of how many times I can wear jeans before I wash them. Same with bath towels and sheets. Nothing gross just trying to be mindful.