Yesterday. What I ate yesterday. I'm catching up on lists and yesterday I ate so weird/bad that I'm kind of proud.
  1. 8:30 am - Trader Joe's cold brew with half and half and sugar
    Have you had this? It's cold brew concentrate so it's up to you what level you want to dilute and @JEFF and I never dilute it enough and then are HIGH on caffeine.
  2. 10 am - 1 deviled egg
    I realized I was going to need protein and the only kind of egg that sounded good was deviled. So I made one.
  3. 10-11 am - handfuls of trail mix and walnuts
    They are out on the counter and I just mindlessly eat.
  4. 11:34 am - 1/2 of: Avocado Toast + Spinach Salad + gluten free ch ch cookie.
    @JEFF came in from lax and scooped me so that we could immediately head to coachella for his 4pm set. His TM was freaking out. We grabbed this food from Amara Kitchen because I called it in ahead of time because I'm a good gf.
  5. 2:42 pm - so many tootsie rolls
    Arrive at coachella with plenty of time and there are baskets of candy everywhere. Cannot not eat candy ever. I don't even really like tootsie rolls.
  6. 3:15 - a swig of whiskey
    When in Rome...there was only vodka or beer but we found some whiskey on the bus!
  7. WATER
    I was staying hydrated, don't worry bbs.
  8. 4:20 - watched @JEFF on the big screen!
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  9. 5:02 pm - half a Heineken
    Ugh. Beer :(
  10. Jermaine Dupri sighting.
  11. 6:30 - Chicken taquito, guac, tamale, chips, asparagus, cornbread, watermelon, pizza, salad and a hot dog.
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    Artist catering + starving.
  12. 7:08 pm - a scoop each of pistachio + chocolate ice cream, ch ch cookie, helping of tiramisu.
  13. 7:30 pm - rich helping of GA at coachella
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    We finally strolled through the crowd and I was overwhelmed but then just focused on trying to get a shot with both of our faces and this giant butterfly. WTF is coachella?
  14. 8:22 pm - hit the road and drank more water.
    Didn't even stay for drake 😳
  15. 8828 Steps in for the day!