A feral cat had kittens in our yard. So now @JEFF and I are their new temporary mommies. This is what we have learned.
  1. It's cute when they fit in the palm of your hand.
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  2. It's cute when they drink out of a bottle.
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  3. It's cute when they fight over the bottle and when there is more than one bottle involved.
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  4. It's cute when they stand around looking at the world with fresh kitten eyes.
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  5. It's cute when they're in a pile.
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  6. It's cute when they're in a pile in your arms.
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  7. It's cute when they're wrapped in a towel with milk all over their dumb face.
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  8. It's cute when they fall asleep in your hand.
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    Also we have placed all the kittens with responsible people and are weaning them from milk before people take them and we are trying to catch the momma so that we can get her fixed. Just so you know we are being grown ups.