@JEFF and I live together in a loverly way and he is my favorite person but still I am WAY excited that he had to tour this weekend because I am an only child and love time to myself and he normally works from home and I have the house (and my thoughts) to myself for 3 days! So far:
  1. Made it a Boozeless Brunch
    Met up with brunch friends I see every couple of months and normally we get hammered but today I decided not to so that I wouldn't be wrecked the rest of the day. This felt empowering and exciting. Plus it meant I had a bonus day I wasn't expecting 🙏
  2. Spent quality time with Karl Ove
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    Read so many pages of this p h e n o m e n a l book today. It's dense but somehow also a page turner. I sat in the backyard with the wind rustling through the trees and the cat bounding about and just read the shit out of this book 💥
  3. Dealt with bullshit
    I know it's a weekend but I work for myself so sometimes the best way to spend my time is to leisurely deal with stuff that is frustrating. Got to the bottom of a biz tax bullshit situation with patience and serenity. Also did other paperwork stuff and cleaned my computer desktop which makes me feel like a million bucks.
  4. Generally speaking I have been super productive
    I'll go into detail but normally I feel so tired but knowing there is this abundance of time to myself makes me feel 💯
  5. Ikea
    2x in one week but today I dealt with epic crowds and complete insanity but I stayed ZEN and pulled the trigger on a new desk (for my studio) and got a toilet brush. Attribute the zen from knowing I could be quiet afterwards.
  6. Rearranged!!
    Favorite pastime for me is the senseless rearrange. This time it was my studio. I rearranged, threw out, cleaned, added a desk and it feels so good in there now!
  7. Ate like shit
    Besides brunch (at cacao, highly recommend!) and ikea ice cream I didn't eat anything until I was at the studio and realized I was gonna die and so I ate my studio mate's peanuts and then came home and had rice pasta with Parmesan 😁😳
  8. Spent some QT with myself
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    I had social stuff this morning and tomorrow so I decided to give myself the night off to do whatever and the freedom I feel to not have to go out because I "should" because it's a Saturday night is like next level. The cat is sleeping in my lap and the house is clean and all is well. Happy Labor Day all!