Memories: Childhood + Food edition

So this is why I'm fat
  1. "Breakfast for Dinner" was 80% my Mom being tired, creative, and fun. The other 20% was my brother and I being suckers.
  2. Getting to lick the spinny thing was/is an honor and a privilege
  3. Twirling a kabob over my glass of milk was supposed resemble roasting marshmallows over a fire???
  4. In my family, we divide everything! Because communism! Just kidding. But all the kids would get a candle to lick.
  5. I fuckin loved green beans, mostly because my brother hated them. And eating my vegetables made me BETTER than him.
  6. Apparently this shit was my ish until it was all tainted when I nearly lost a tooth biting into one.
  7. My mom's friend from high school gave me a bagel with cream cheese and my life was never the same. We ran into her recently after aprox. 10 years and that's still the only memory that stuck. Wish I didn't tell her out loud though...