Baking photos

One of my favourite things to do in my free time is bake. Here is a selection of some of what I have made in the last six months.
  1. Welsh Cakes
    The result of today's baking. Three varieties- lemon/coconut, choc chip and sultana/spice. My new favourite thing to bake, after trying them at the Cardiff markets four years ago.
  2. Lemon curd biscuits
    Shortbread like biscuits, with homemade lemon curd on top.
  3. Golden gaytime cheesecake
    The Golden Gaytime is an Australian icecream- vanilla and toffee icecream, covered in chocolate and honeycomb biscuits. I made this cake for my Dad's birthday.
  4. Carrot cupcakes
  5. Snickers cake
    Chocolate cake, filled with nougat, covered with chocolate ganache, caramel and peanuts. Made for my brother's birthday.
  6. Shortbread, chocolate truffles, brownies and gingerbread.
    Put into bags and given out as Christmas presents.