Shows that I have already seen, but that are always worth a rewatch.
  1. The Office
    I only got into this show during its last season. Now, I am obsessed. Such a clever show and it introduced me to hilarious actors, like @bjnovak and @mindy.
  2. Friends
    For me, this show doesn't age. More than 20 years after it premiered I still find myself laughing out loud at any episode I watch.
  3. The Mindy Project
    The funniest show that I have seen in recent years. @mindy is incredible. Thank goodness for Hulu picking up the show after Fox cancelled it.
  4. Veronica Mars
    A brilliant show, with a funny and intelligent female lead. Now I can finish a binge watch, with the movie, thanks to Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and Kickstarter.
  5. Gilmore Girls
    Love watching the interactions between Lorelai and Rory. Sometimes getting two main characters together can ruin a show, but when Lorelai and Luke got together, it only got better.
  6. The West Wing
    Thanks to this show, I know more about American politics than Australian. Plus, who doesn't love an Aaron Sorkin show.
  7. Sherlock
    Unfortunately a binge watch wouldn't take very long, but the quantity is far outweighed by the quality of the show.