1. David - New Orleans
    🎶Come on be my baby tonight 🎶
  2. Neil - London
    Was playing in a band and kissed a heckler and the heckler BIT THE TIP OF HIS TONGUE OFF
  3. CT - Paris
    Purely sexual
  4. Kit - Road Rules Season one
  5. Kit and Mark - Road Rules season one
  6. Alton and Irulan - Vegas
  7. Aneesa - Chicago
  8. Montana - Boston
    Got fired from a volunteer job for letting children take sips of wine
  9. Julie - New Orleans
  10. ERIC NIES - New York
  11. Tami - LA
  12. RUTHIE - hawaii
  13. TECH MONEY - Hawaii
  14. Steven and Irene - Seattle
  15. Jemmye - New Orleans
    Had a phobia of ketchup
    Suggested by @pbsamuels
  16. Knight - New Orleans
    Only because Jemmye always yelled his name "Knoight!" He was a monster
    Suggested by @pbsamuels
  17. Colin from Real World Hawaii
    I always felt so bad for him because Amaya was a stage 5 clinger/so annoying. He is cute in that boy next door way...*update* he has also come out of the closet so :(
    Suggested by @Celina
  18. Puck from San Francisco
    He was like a cartoon character come to life
    Suggested by @Celina