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Or "How NYC is different from Seattle" - Based on recent 4-day trip.
  1. Mochas do not exist
    Seriously. Where is a girl supposed to get her adult hot chocolate around here?
  2. Duane Reade
    Duane Reade for days.
  3. No split bills
    Fine. Venmo it is.
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  1. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  2. NOT X-Files
    Which came on directly after WWTBAM, so I'd have to run out of the room so I wouldn't hear the creepy theme song.
  3. South Park
    Secretly. From behind the couch.
Starring: @BrianPrice @abbyk & Maddie
  1. BRIAN removed the name from this conversation. TODAY 1:15 PM
  2. ABBY: Brian wth
  3. ABBY: Wyd
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  1. Scientist
  2. Scientist who turned into Poison Ivy (AKA Uma Thurman)
  3. Teacher
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Because we all know periods are gross, but your editor insists you write the story anyway AND have an eye-catching yet appropriate image.
  1. Red paint on a brush, ripe for creative inspiration.
  2. Red balloons floating off into a beautiful blue sky.
  3. Red nail polish spilling out onto a crisp white desk.
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  1. You gave me your email address as a way to contact you.
  2. We went to camp together.
  3. We went to different schools and MySpace hadn't gotten off the ground yet.
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But, really not so random.
  1. This one
    of Maddie tying an ornament to a pair of prop underwear Mallory found in the linen closet.
  2. This one
    because I was watching Obvious Child last month and this is how I feel like I'd ask for an abortion.
  3. This one
    of a dog staring at me in Chinatown last weekend.
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  1. Couples who appear to be unable to stop touching each other.
  2. International students who don't understand personal space.
  3. Nervous freshmen.
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  1. Slain
  2. Dismembered
  3. Mysterious
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  1. 1.
    Pope - Age: 22, 23
    Nothing gives me more swag than putting on my robe and mitre.
  2. 2.
    Demented Doll - Age: 12
    I came up with the costume during a time in my life where I was really interested in seances and the paranormal. I'm as surprised as anyone that my conservative Lutheran school allowed this nonsense at the annual skate party.
  3. 3.
    Farmer - Age: 2 weeks
    Defying gender stereotypes from an early age.
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