I should be rich but I was robbed
  1. iPhone leash
    The perfect accessory for texting from the chairlift.
  2. Luggage tracking device
    So that when the airline customer service agent says they can't find your missing bag, you can say "boo-yah" in their face
  3. Canned water
    It doesn't seem that cool to me now, but I thought it was pretty brilliant as a child.
  4. Neighborhood golf cart
    Unlike the neighborhood golf cart as it exists today, my version did not require a drivers license or a minimum driving age. And yes, I was 8 years old when I came up with this idea.
  5. Marco "find your friend" app
    To me this is truly a brilliant idea. For anyone who has anxiety about trying to meet up in a crowded place (concert, festival, etc) this app provides a map that both parties can see tracking each other's specific location so they can find each other.
  6. Shazam for people's faces
    On second thought, I'm not sure this exists in everyday life. It should though. Don't even think about stealing my idea.