Reasons I'd Wanna Be A Cop

  1. I could park in the red zone in the parking lot by chipotle
    I can never find a spot there
  2. I could tell someone to "put their hands up!!" And then quickly follow it with "and wave 'em like you just don't care!"
    Cliche. But still funny.
  3. Flash my badge to avoid getting out of chores
  4. Flash my badge to get to the front of the line at the DMV
  5. Flash my badge to get to the front of the line at chipotle
    Lots of my ideas have to do with using my badge
  6. I could leave fake parking tickets on my brother's car
    I'd honestly spend a lot of time doing this
  7. I can subtly conform to the cop stereotype and eat donuts anytime I want
    Breakfast lunch and dinner baby!
  8. I can finally buy a new pair of aviators
    I broke my old pair a month ago and haven't been able to justify buying a new pair
  9. I'll have an endless amount of people to vent to about boy problems
    Ha will those citizens be sorry when they ask me "what seems to be the problem officer?"
  10. Everyone has to let me win in monopoly
    Because I am a cop and they shall fear me
  11. Halloween costume for life
    "Is she a guest or is she just here to bust up this party?" "Idk but either way we should hide the booze."