Ideas for those days when nothing is going quite as expected
  1. Yale Law.
    Some might call this "Plan A", but why be conventional?
  2. Live at the beach (any beach, pick a beach) and run a restaurant that serves everything but seafood.
  3. Move to NYC and pretend my way into the publishing job high school me always wanted.
    A la every flighty, enduring comedy movie heroine ever.
  4. Blake's Lottaburger breakfast burrito maker.
    It'd be sad. But delicious.
  5. Open a New Age shop in the red mountains of Sedona.
    But like with a Christian bent.
  6. Astronaut.
    But not like the "I'm in MENSA and had to work really hard to get here" kind... More of the "I'm a millionaire, so put me on your spaceship to the moon" variety. Note to self: become millionaire.
  7. All of the music festivals.
    And that's it. Forever.