My First Tinder Experience

AKA give me guidance PLEASE
  1. I met a cute boy on Tinder named Keaton
    He went to school with me, and we will be in this same smallish town next year
  2. Everything started off great
    He wanted to get to know me, snapchat me, hopefully meet up with me
  3. We talked (snapchatted) for three full days
    The first day went well - good humor, conversation, everything
  4. The third day, it got messy
    Since I am an avid snapchat map user, I knew that he was somewhat available throughout the day, but was neither opening nor responding to my snaps throughout the day - until 8pm
  5. I was ready to write it off
    I didn't know him, he owed me nothing, and we had no future plans to hang out (yet)
  6. Now, this was my first Tinder experience, so his behavior could have been normal
  7. Without fail, every evening around 9pm he sent me a message asking what I'm doing
    I am very aware that this is like a booty-call snap, but we weren't yet in the same town yet, so it seemed harmless
  8. So on our third day of "chatting", I responded
    Mostly because I was going down the next day
  9. He started off calling me beautiful but digressed to sexy and hot
    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but words like sexy and hot seem very superficial. I also can't take a compliment well so all of what he was saying made me slightly uncomfortable (in a good way)
  10. He kept saying he was "excited" to see me
    By then, we had made tentative plans to hang out when I got to town - but I still wasn't sure if he meant just to have sex (which I was NOT about) or to go on a date (which I was 100% into)
  11. So a little background now
    We have at least one mutual friend, and this friend was adamant that he was a nice guy, very into a relationship, and was even surprised he was on Tinder in be first place
  12. I tried to keep what my friend said in mind when chatting with him - especially since internet personalities are different than IRL ones
  13. Back to the main story
  14. He started trying to sext me (or whatever the snapchat equivalent is)
    "I wish you were here" "My body is insanely attracted to your body" "How about I kiss your neck - that seems casual enough"
  15. I was not really having it, though not discouraging it, since I wanted to go to bed
    ALSO, I would only be into that sort of thing if I knew the person
  16. He continued with the flirty messages - asking me what I liked in bed and what I was wearing
    I responded to these coyly so that I gave him a vague detail and didn't scare him away
  17. Finally, I made a (what I thought was sarcastic) comment to him about how "I couldn't tell if he was hard or not"
    OBVIOUSLY he was ok like it wasn't hard to tell
  19. I shut that down real quick
  20. He apologized profusely and so did I
    I think I made him uncomfortable since I called him out, but I apologized for my words and if I had led him on
  21. And now, I don't know if we will talk or what
    I would love to get to know him better, he seems genuine and kind, and like last night was not who he really is
  22. But again, this was my first time really using Tinder
  23. Was I in the wrong? How do I move on from this?
  24. Genuinely soliciting any advice anyone has for how to move on from this