1. Call me sweetie, darling, honey, etc
    I'm looking at you, middle-aged white men.
  2. Yell/cry about sports (particularly football)
    Is your team losing SO heartbreaking that it warrants an emotional response? Then don't come near me.
  3. Put an American flag in your truck bed.
    omg you're so masculine and patriotic!!!!!! plz give me some more indications of those very important qualities!!
  4. Bring your 8-year-old son into the women's bathroom
    At a certain point, he's gotta be old enough to venture into the men's room right?
  5. Use a communal microwave to heat up food that smells SO BAD
    You are not the only one in this room. And I'm trying not to look visibly disgusted.
  6. Deny the existence of privilege
    Idk this particular type of ignorance grinds my gears.
  7. Answer the phone while we're having a conversation
    We were just talking and instead of politely ignoring the phone, you're going to talk for 15 minutes with someone else. What am I supposed to do with that?