just why??
  1. Extended family/old people on Facebook
    You don't have to comment on EVERY picture i'm tagged in. Also plz stop sharing vaguely Christian posts.
  2. Group projects in college
    How do I get put in the most incompetent group every time?
  3. People who stop liking bands once they become too popular
    Support ur favs always.
  4. GOP 2016 Presidential Candidates
    I mean seriously?
  5. College Athletes
    I actually just hate sports.
  6. Public transportation
    I'm all about saving the environment but can you maybe not stand so close to me?
  7. People who cut in line.
    I've been waiting here for 20 minutes, but by all means go ahead.
  8. When a show you really love starts to get bad.
    I don't want to stop watching because these characters feel like my friends but I can't stand the show anymore. *especially bugged if it's only good for 2 seasons
  9. People who talk loudly in a library
    it's a fucking library.
  10. People who go to the zoo and make their snapchat story 100 seconds of animals I don't care about.
    I know what a giraffe looks like. this is a waste of my time