These are the people I've dated in my mind when I've been really bored and wondered what kinds of people I will date throughout my life. Most are inspired from tv and movie characters that have invaded their way into my psyche.
  1. The endearing idiot. This guy is failing school and I get randomly assigned to tutor him. He passes his first test and is now in love with me
  2. The impressive athlete. In this scenario we are both really fit and really beautiful. We go on runs together and cheer at each other's sports. Everyone is jealous.
  3. The asshole. I hate him so much that I love him. Then I have to convince everyone that he is actually a good person.
  4. The cool guy everyone likes but who only likes me because I'm mysteriously disinterested
  5. The foreign exchange student. English confuses him and he has a fun accent. I help him adjust to America and I learn his language
  6. The coworker. We bond over hating our boss and have inside jokes that confuse and slightly irritate the other people at work
  7. The best friend. He has loved me since approximately the day he was born. It is very charming.
  8. The burnout. This guy is lost and pretends he doesn't care about anything but somehow he responds to me only
  9. The musician. He has a band with dumb gigs that he gets really excited for and he writes me songs as gifts
  10. The rebel. He's drives a motorcycle and is always in trouble. My parents hate him. We date secretly for like 2 weeks until he disappears because he had to run from the cops
  11. The genius. He's impressively smart and it's kind of annoying, but he is really interesting and it grows on me