Moments on the Office That Made Me Cry More Than They Should Have

The list could go on forever
  1. When Pam realizes that her dad wants to divorce her mom because he saw how much Jim loved Pam and knew he never had that with his own wife
  2. When Pam said "when you're a kid you think your parents are soul mates. My kids are gonna be right about that"
  3. When Jim fake proposed
  4. When Jim real proposed
  5. When Pam kisses Jim at the dundies
  6. When the guys at chilis are mean to Michael during the dundies
  7. Jim's reaction to Pam's pregnancy
  8. Jim and Pam's wedding episodes (I can't list each moment because I cried throughout.)
  9. All of Michael's goodbyes to everyone
  10. When Michael shows up for Dwight and Angela's wedding and the first thing he says is "that's what she said"
  11. When Michael gives away all his desk toys