Things You Might Think People Care About but They Actually Don't

If you think someone is criticizing you for one of these, you're probably wrong
  1. The zit on your face that you can't pop. Do people notice it? Possibly. How long do they think about it? Probably less than a second. No one is going to be repulsed and mull over this for hours.
  2. The fact that you're crying or have obviously just finished crying. No one gives a shit. They probably see that you're sad and want you to try to make you feel better, but no one is sitting around judging your tears. They've cried before and they'll forget about you crying in probably 1 minute or less
  3. What you're wearing. If you're overdressed or underdressed no one really cares. They're too worried about whatever they're wearing and trying not to spill something on it
  4. You messing up while speaking in front of people. If you stumble over some words or have to go back and correct yourself, people barely notice let alone care. They couldn't have expected perfection no matter who you are
  5. You falling. It's obviously embarrassing and even though you might replay the moment in your head for days, no one else is. They're happy you're ok and think nothing of the entire situation