Yesterday @brooke_depp and I were discussing how I have weirdly sensitive skin, internal organs, etc. I am physically sensitive but mentally I am stone cold. Just kidding I cry like weekly. Here are some examples of this weird problem
  1. The time I got chemical burns from Nair
    December 23, 2015. It's too soon to go into detail
  2. The time my sister scratched me and I had a scar for a year
    Yes we were having a physical fight at a young-ish age. No, her scratches didn't last more than a day
  3. That face mask incident from last week
    I used a face mask I constantly use, but this time it burned my face so I took it off after about a minute. It looked like I had a bad sunburn for the next 6 hours
  4. There are way too many foods that hurt my stomach
    I don't feel like listing all of them because you're going to start getting creeped out
  5. Raynaud's Disease
    Yeah. My toes lose color and feeling no matter the temperature. It scares my mom and I love talking about it because it's something no one ever wants to talk about
  6. The actual sunburns I get
    I lifeguard in the summer and put on sunscreen like every half hour. If I forget to do this I will come home completely burnt and will get yelled at
  7. The sunscreen I'm allergic to
    Turns out I'm allergic to coopertone sunscreen. I didn't realize this until I put it on my entire body this past summer.
  8. I'm going to stop before anyone gets more weirded out than they already are