Sort of a part 2 to "embarrassing things I consistently do"
  1. Wear shorts and a tshirt to bed every night regardless of weather
    The only night of the year I wear warm pajamas is on Christmas Eve. Even if it's 0 degrees, I will wear shorts and a tshirt. I can't explain this
  2. Mentally date people
    See "made up people I've mentally dated"
  3. Tell people not to hold my hands because they are naturally always a little bit sweaty
    Some people's hands are naturally clammy, ok? I've flat out told boys this. Don't hold my hands seriously
  4. Read things backwards
    I catch myself starting with the last or middle paragraph of an email or paragraphs and just jumping around. Is this a learning problem?
  5. Try to find patterns in license plate numbers
  6. Smell 99% of everything I eat
    Who knows how this habit started
  7. This got oddly embarrassing