1. Wow Virgin really is the best
  2. Wow Virgin is just the same as all the others
  3. Im so glad I'm going to NYC for the first time by myself and not with my husband
  4. The girl sitting next to me has a prettier job. Her email signature is in pink.
  5. I'm changing my email signature as soon as we land
  6. How am I supposed to have good ideas for things I don't care about
  7. I probably should change jobs
  8. I have an amazing job
  9. What does Creative Director even mean
  10. I bet cat food was on sale during #PrimeDay I hope it's still going by the time I get to my hotel
  11. How much porn do you have to make in order to need 55 gallons of lube
  12. Should I have had babies by now
  13. I hate flying, I can't believe I thought something called Virgin could fix it