1. Swamps of Florida, only memory is sticking my 8 month old fingers in the outlet and shocking myself. Was wearing overalls.
  2. Apartment in Birmingham, Alabama; also the only year Alabama had an ice storm which almost froze us, rly
  3. House with 4 gardens in Birmingham, Alabama. First location with a pet cemetery.
  4. Surrogate grandma's in kinda nowhere Ohio
  5. Neighborhood house with millions of dogs in Columbus, Ohio
  6. Bigger house in basically nowhere Ohio that was destroyed by tornado while I was still in it
  7. Creepy white rental house while real house was rebuilt
  8. Previously mentioned tornado house
  9. Boyfriend's parents house in nicer part of Columbus, Ohio
  10. Nowhere really for 3 months
  11. Co-Ed Dorm room at ASU where I accidentally fell in love with two assholes and developed the worlds shortest drinking problem
  12. Ex-Boyfriend's parent's fancy house in Phoenix suburbs on King St and God, Christmas was awkward
  13. Downtown Phoenix Arts district condo at 19 with 25 year old roommate who was dating a 16 year old
  14. Unknown sex offender's home for 1 month while hiding from cops in other-Phoenix-suburbs
  15. Pot house / sex house / party house in Rock Hill, South Carolina
  16. New boyfriends parents house in Columbus Ohio ugh why did my last roommate have to decide she loved me and throw a shoe at my face for dating a man
  17. Apartment with 2 roommates and also boyfriend in Columbus suburbs; also where I developed panic attacks bc everyone needs a well rounded life experience
  18. Duplex in downtown Columbus with newly married couple while frequently trying to kick out but also sleep with now ex-boyfriend
  19. Victorian home with roommate on another King Street in Short North, Ohio
  20. Another Victorian home with 3 impressively diverse roommates on another King Street
  21. In a car for 8 months, in 25 cities
  22. In the haunted woods of almost Portland Oregon in a half finished basement
  23. Accidentally in Hollywood with an accidental new husband in a questionable apartment
  24. In Atwater Village a tiny place in Los Angeles above Los Feliz that for some reason no ones ever heard of but I grew a tomato successfully in a pot there
  25. Echo Park still with previously mentioned accidental husband