Take a bite out of crime.
  1. This afternoon I looked out the window of my boss' office and I saw a guy acting weird in our parking lot.
  2. He was a normal-looking person
    (receding hairline, flannel shirt, cargo shorts)
  3. but he was acting strangely.
  4. He lifted up the metal base of a light post,
  5. and took something from under it.
  6. "What is that? Drugs? Cigarettes?"
  7. He wrote something on a slip of paper
  8. then put the slip of paper back under the metal base of the lamp post.
    This is a feature of the lamp post that didn't look like it should be able to move. You had to know it was loose; no one would touch it under normal circumstances.
  10. So I went outside to investigate.
  11. Under the metal base, there was an empty ziplock bag and a film canister with what appeared to be a slip of paper, some cotton, and some pill capsules.
    Cotton? Like from a pill bottle? And pills, like DRUGS?!?!
  12. I took pictures of it but I didn't touch it.
    I've watched too many crime dramas to make that amateur mistake.
  13. Is this a spy operation? A love letter? A really inconvenient drug deal?
    "Is this how people do drug deals???"
  14. After discussing this oddness with my boss AND my boss' boss, we made a decision:
  15. "Call the police."
    The non-emergency number, of course.
  16. The dispatcher said to keep an eye on it and a car would be out to meet with us soon.
  17. I was super-excited when the cop showed up.
    I felt like McGruff, the crime-fighting dog.
  18. The cop opened up the film canister
    with his bare hands!
  19. and he unfurled a tiny scroll of paper.
  20. "Geocaching,"
    the cop said.
  22. Giphy
  23. P.S.
    I felt really bad for calling the cops.