I have dreams pretty frequently and I usually remember most of them, at least small pieces. Some of these are from childhood.
  1. I was walking home and suddenly I was surrounded by snakes and there was no path to get to my house, just snakes.
  2. I was laying on my mom's bed and I peaked over the edge and there were tarantulas. The worst part is they had mouths and when they opened them, there was rows of teeth inside. So I killed them with a baseball bat.
  3. I was riding a flying lawnmower and my friend was telling me if I didn't be careful I would rip the sky and I ended up doing it and underneath the sky was black. The black spread until I woke up.
  4. I had a dream I was peeing and I woke up actually peeing on myself.
  5. My grandmother was chasing me and trying to kill me with a glass bottle. I ended up finding some like crawl space under the house and hiding.
  6. I went to the bathroom and smiled, then all my teeth fell out and I was picking them up and trying to put them back in.
  7. My friend showed up to prom in a dress made of Easter grass and had a big Easter egg on her head.
  8. I was in labor and nobody would tell me who the father was.
  9. I was getting married and nobody would tell me who I was marrying.
  10. I married a boyfriend in silk pajamas and I cried the whole time because I thought I was too young and that it would be embarrassing to be married and in high school, but I did it because mom told me to.
  11. I got a job at a Walmart store and I had to take a test and I got left alone while the store was dark and empty and a man came in and chased me around, but for some reason I couldn't exit the Walmart.
  12. I killed a woman for trying to take my little sister away and had to dispose of her body. I think I drove her and her car off a cliff.
  13. I'm sitting in a car and it starts moving and when I try to stop it, I can't control the steering wheel. Eventually I fell into a pit and woke up.
  14. I got a call from my deceased grandfather and told me that he just wanted to tell me that everything is ok.
    It was the most emotional a dream has made me and I definitely believe my grandpa somehow caused it.
  15. I was hiding in this girls attic that I barely knew peeking out of this hole in the wall to the outside and the sky was red and a black tornado was coming.
  16. I drove into a field, walked into a hill and everywhere I turned there was a different wild animal.
  17. I was at a movie theater, people are everywhere. I finally find my way out and I see my grandma crying and running up the street. Everyone is screaming and running away. I ask what's wrong she says "the octoworm" I look to where she points and there's swirling clouds and debris flying around this huge earthworm.,
    😂 I think this was a fever dream.
  18. I was sitting in a classroom with one other girl I'm not friends with, in fact I don't like her. Her desk is turned towards mine and she laughs and tells me I'm funny and then smacks me in the face and says I'm just messing around so we take turns smacking each other.
  19. I was at a childhood friends house watching a storm and I looked outside and saw her dog and cat sitting up outside their actual human sized house and hugging each other like humans and I got upset about them being outside and my friend didn't care.
  20. I was getting ready to go somewhere and I was rushing a lot. I was putting on a slutty costume for some reason and finally when my boyfriend gets here I'm ready to go and instead he makes me sit down and watch old tapes of my ex boyfriend and his friends. (Which I don't get because they don't know each other.)
  21. Alexander Hamilton is playing in the classroom, when it gets to "what's your name man?" A guy beside me says "DREW" really loudly and leaves.
    This was a part of another dream but I thought it was funny.
  22. I beat a girl up I know in the Main Street of my hometown and the cops didn't care at all.
  23. I was on a plane with Kim and Kanye and people I know and I was hiding from people that I thought were scary. The plane was endless and there was so many rooms with different themes.
  24. I was at this crazy fair which somehow included my deceased great grandmas home and there was a booth were a woman gave me candied drugs and shot them into my arm.
  25. My geometry teacher yelled at me and my class was making fun of me and I went outside and broke into song in the middle of a corn field and as I walked I was following a trail of eggs then I found a huge conch at the end.
  26. I was fighting off a snake and it crawled up the back up my shirt and I woke up so scared.
  27. I was in the mall close to my town that had closed years ago and was reopening. My ex boyfriend was following me around and everytime I would tell him we weren't together he would cry. I ended up at a family friends house with my parents, for some reason I was watching tv and Steven Tyler was running on a log in water and throwing spears.
    Then Gwen Stefani was singing and my parents were dancing.