SLO is the happiest (i.e. best) city in America according to Oprah. And here are my favorite local SLO spots. Oprah would probably like them too.
  1. SLO Do Co
    I love donuts, so this is at the top of my list. SLO Do Co is best place to get amazing donut creations. It's basically our version of VooDoo Donuts.
  2. Madonna Mountain
    A really nice, not too challenging hike to the top of Madonna Mountain is a must when you're in SLO. You can see all of SLO all the way to the coast. It's gorgeous and well worth the hike. Or you can be a badass and go hike Bishops Peak right next door.
  3. Lincoln Deli
    My favorite place for sandwiches in all of SLO. And that's saying something, because there are a lot of bomb sandwich places in SLO. High Street Deli is a close second.
  4. Palm Theater
    A super cute little theater that shows Indie flicks and oldies in SLO's "Chinatown." Which is pretty much just a small block on Palm Street.
  5. Black Sheep Bar
    My favorite bar in SLO. Small and quaint with an awesome patio and even better drinks.
  6. Avila Valley Barn
    I think this is technically in Avila. But whatever, I love it. Go grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and put on some yoga pants, then head here, because it's a white girl's autumnal wet dream. Hay rides, pumpkins, a pretty legit maze, animals to feed, and a cute barn full of shit to buy.
  7. Thai Classic
    The most delicious Thai food I've ever had. I live in the bay now, but still haven't been able to beat their Pad Thai.