@johnnywebber and I have a dog. We call her Chubbawub. She sleeps. A lot. These are some of her most popular sleeping poses.
  1. The Vixen
    Slightly suggestive. A real crowd pleaser.
  2. The Ostrich
    Much like the ostrich, Chubba likes to bury her head in things. Namely pillows. And bowls of food.
  3. The Walrus
    Koo Koo Kachu
  4. The Zombie
    Don't worry, she only eats biscuits. Not brains.
  5. The Pile of Puppy Paws
    One of her personal favorites. She likes to place all her paws into a neat little pile.
  6. The Puppy Pretzel
    So flexible. So talented.
  7. The Ambien Addict
    For when she's too sleepy to even strike a pose.