@johnnywebber and I have a dog. We call her Chubbawub. She sleeps. A lot. These are some of her most popular sleeping poses.
  1. The Vixen
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    Slightly suggestive. A real crowd pleaser.
  2. The Ostrich
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    Much like the ostrich, Chubba likes to bury her head in things. Namely pillows. And bowls of food.
  3. The Walrus
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    Koo Koo Kachu
  4. The Zombie
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    Don't worry, she only eats biscuits. Not brains.
  5. The Pile of Puppy Paws
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    One of her personal favorites. She likes to place all her paws into a neat little pile.
  6. The Puppy Pretzel
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    So flexible. So talented.
  7. The Ambien Addict
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    For when she's too sleepy to even strike a pose.