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In no particular order. Or maybe it is in order. Figure it out
  1. Back when they visited Amenia. The linen shirt + rolled up jeans is iconic
  2. Assuming the flower is part of the outfit
  3. I wear the Old Navy version of this outfit most days thanx to this moment
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Simultaneously left me underwhelmed and exceeded my expectations
  1. A McDonald's coupon for a free McMuffin
    This was really in my stocking but it never expires so I'm actually excited
  2. Cranberry candle
    Scent title = "cranberry sauce" which makes me feel a lil gross but I can always face the label away from me
  3. CordaRoy mattress (????)
    My mom saw it on Shark Tank but it's really just a giant bean bag chair. She's returning it
  4. So much candy
    Smarties, butterfingers bites, m&m's, etc
wonder if wishlist is actually 1 word
  1. Adult coloring book
  2. Lava lamp
  3. Sense of purpose
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I made this list long before I found this app & now my life has changed for the better. Happy to be here
  1. Taking baths
  2. Red onions (must be finely diced)
    i.e. chipotle's guac
  3. Girls (HBO)
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