I subscribe to all of these and they're completely worth the effort. Go learn things.
  1. The Skimm (@theSkimm)
    Witty, short, and an excellent mix of international news, politics, pop culture, and helpful guides. Runs Mondays-Fridays and such an important part of my morning routine that I miss it on the weekend.
  2. Lenny (@Lenny)
    Wonderful fiction and non-fiction pieces about health, politics, style, friendship, etc. A boost to my feminist spirit every Tuesday and Friday.
  3. Brain Pickings
    Thoughtfully written with a quiet appreciation of the world, often by exploring the minds of seminal authors, theorists, scholars, scientists, and more. The perfect pick-me-up and love letter to the human spirit. The best thing for a contemplative Sunday.
  4. Wait But Why
    Incredibly well-researched and educational pieces about anything and everything with a side of humor and graphs. I almost always forward to friends. My only complaint is the occasional long gaps between posts, although that gives me time to catch up since each post is SO LONG.