Y'all, I love NaNoWriMo and have done it for many years. But the forums are where all the crazy of NaNo comes out. From people researching bizarre plots to people who have odd ideas about the mechanics of narrative, it's all there. Here are some favorites. More to come.
  1. Do car washes have surveillance cams, and fun ways to die in a car wash?
  2. Tank vs. Human Body
  3. Can you sell a human skull at a flea market in Florida?
  4. Murder in mountains during blizzard? By a psychotic teen?
  5. Decapitation on-the-go
  6. Uh-oh. There's a body in bed with you. Now what?
  7. Actually...how do I pick up an elderly from the floor? One who just fell down?
  8. Eyeball removal (surgical knowledge, please)
  9. What would a mermaid-like species blog about?
  10. Do I have to write dialogue?
  11. Can someone translate my novel into Chinese?
  12. What are some things that happened before 1995?
  13. If you had to walk through the woods alone, what would you whistle?
  14. What would a rich vampire (not hungry) do in his spare time?
  15. Are the shelves in Walmart iron or another metal?
  16. Murder by Vegetable
  17. Werewolves, nudity and children: GO!
  18. Who gets jurisdiction if a mermaid is found on a beach in Maine?