1. Alex Trebek
    I was on Jeopardy (1-game wonder!) and during that end credits time when Alex appears to be talking cerebrally to the contestants, he was just asking, "When's this music going to be over?"
  2. Jonathan Groff
    I was sitting in the 2nd row at Hamilton, and during "You'll Be Back," the F of "empires fall!" turned liquid and hit my forehead. I felt awkward about immediately wiping it off. (side note - Hamilton is amazing, but since you are a person on the Internet, you already know that.)
  3. Penn Jillette
    He was also attending Hamilton the same night I was. I stepped on his foot while rushing to the bathroom at intermission.
  4. Mark McGrath
    I saw him in a mall food court a couple years ago, wearing a ball cap and rushing by with an Ed Hardy bag. So basically, the Mark McGrathiest thing that's ever happened.
  5. Jon Voight
    Husband: Did you see that? We just passed Jon Voight! Me: I still have no idea what Jon Voight looks like.