10 being she couldn't approve more if I was the Virgin Mary; 0 being I am going to hell for it.
  1. South Bend, Indiana. Hard not to approve since she went to Notre Dame. 8.
  2. St Andrews, Scotland. Year one: getting my master's degree in English and being fancy. 7.
  3. St Andrews, Scotland. Year two: living in sin with socialist arch-liberal atheist intellectual German boyfriend and working retail with said master's degree. 2.
  4. Berlin, Germany. May or may not be being indoctrinated by German boyfriend and socialist arch-liberal atheist intellectual parents; assumed sleeping in separate beds because 'adults' present. 3.
  5. Schaumburg, Illinois. Back home after breakup. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! 9.
  6. New York, NY. They don't even have alleys for their trash! 5.