My bracket is busted, so I'm going to take this hashtag opportunity to post all of the things I'm actively mad about. Please pray for me. #MarchMadness
  1. Mad that Charlie Puth makes more money than me #MarchMadness
  2. Mad that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look like sad aliens now #MarchMadness
  3. Mad that people assume Helen Keller is real without seeing any evidence #wakeup #MarchMadness
  4. Mad that I spent months binge watching Lost and received no closure #MarchMadness
  5. Mad that Amy Poehler has never won an Emmy #MarchMadness
  6. Mad that Pedro Martinez threw down Don Zimmer in 2004 #MarchMadness
  7. Mad that the movie Antz is less popular than A Bug's Life #MarchMadness
  8. Mad that portion sizes have increased while my self control has decreased #MarchMadness
  9. Mad that my butt crack peeked out of my low rise jeans from '03-05 #MarchMadness
  10. Mad that the clown from Air Bud didn't drown with his truck #MarchMadness
  11. Mad that they ever tried to make Rachel and Joey a thing #MarchMadness
  12. Mad that Mo'ne Davis got so much attention for playing a boy's game while the Little League Softball World Series went un-acknowledged #MarchMadness
  13. Mad that I didn't die before the phrase "Hulk Hogan sex tape" became a reality #MarchMadness