A list in progress ... always in progress
  1. People who write checks at the grocery store
    Co-sign for people who pay with cash and exact change that they dig out of a bank envelope.
  2. The person at the Skittles corporation who decided to change lime to green apple
    It's thrown off the entire flavor profile of a handful of Skittles, and I just cannot move past it.
  3. People who don't signal their turns
    So, basically the entire state of Georgia
  4. The guy who shouted "are you sure it's not twins?!?!" FROM A MOVING CAR when I was 9 months pregnant
    Picture a giant pregnant lady in a crosswalk with two middle fingers raised.
  5. People who call Samoas "caramel delites"
    Look I know this is regional, but get right with God
  6. People who try to talk to me about Crossfit
    I'd rather hear from a zealous Jehovah's Witness
  7. People who try to talk to me about their Whole30 diet
    I made it 3 days before crawling into my bed and texting my husband from beneath the covers "Coke. Small. Chikfila. Please." (He was in the next room).
  8. The writers currently composing their "Hamilton is overrated" think pieces
    Girl bye