Random...as in, very random...this is just from the last week. Ranging from broad to specific. The power of music is incredible!
  1. The Oh Hellos
    Basically all of it
  2. Cleopatra - The Lumineers
    Bop along to the whole CD
  3. Some nice classic 90's RnB
    Bring on the TLC
  4. Hamilton
    Phenomenal. Nothing more to say
  5. Flannel Graph
    So full of happiness in different ways
  6. Eurovision
    Still. A great year of tunes. Truly catchy.
  7. Disney
    The classics, whether Lion King's powerful stage production or the clever words of Dumbo - it's inspiring
  8. Adele
    Always brings that deep power
  9. Other stage shows
    I like musicals...a little Newsies, Sweeney Todd, Wicked to name some of the well known ones. Great
  10. Taylor Swift
    Just to finish off the list, I have to be truthful - her music causes me to smile