Travelling in the USA

things I hope to not take for granted when travelling in life, and I have a greater appreciation for back home
  1. Seeing family
    Far and above the thing I love most about going somewhere
  2. Checking out the different stores
    The stores in Australia just don't compare
  3. Seeking out a good coffee
    They are rare but you feel victorious when you find them
  4. Meeting and greeting strangers
    So friendly and caring
  5. Walking around the towns
    Chance for a good conversation and appreciation of some beautiful things
  6. Sport games
    Better live but with good company anything works. Great atmosphere, and if it is outside so nice to be in the sun
  7. Being on holiday
    Middle of semester but being provides the opportunity to compartmentalize life and spot the necessary things
  8. Every view is new, exciting, inspiring and special